Chrysler hires Lexus executive to revive marketing

Chrysler has hired Deborah Wahl Meyer as the vice president and chief marketing officer of Chrysler. Meyer spent the past six years with Toyota and was recently vice president of marketing for Lexus. Meyer, 44, will report to Steven Landry who is the executive vice president of North American sales.

“She’s young, she’s hip and she’s a fast-tracker from Toyota,” said Jack Nerad, editorial director for the auto-buying guide Kelley Blue Book.

Meyer was not directly recruited by Chrysler’s CEO, Nardelli, although he did meet with her after he was hired on August 5th. “Bob really encouraged Deborah to be a part of his team at the new Chrysler,” Chrysler spokesman Jason Vines said.

Meyer will officially join Chrysler starting August 28th. Robert Nardelli, ex Home Depot CEO, was hired on August 5th.


Source: The Detroit News

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