2008 BMW M3 with M5/M6’s V10 507hp engine

This isn’t the first time someone’s put an M V10 engine into a 3-Series. Hartage did this last year when they took M divisions V10 550hp engine and dropped it into a BMW 3-Series.

Bremgo, a German aftermarket BMW parts retailer, has decided to follow that route by taking the M5’s V10 507 horsepower engine, and dropping it into the 2008 BMW M3 Coupe. The stock 6-speed manual transmission has also been replaced with the M5/M6’s 7-speed SMG transmission.

Bremgo added AC Schnitzer’s 20-inch wheels, Recaro aftermarket seats and a Hartage steerting wheel.

Bremgo 2008 BMW M3 with M5/M6 V10 507hp engine Gallery:




Source: M3Post

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