Acura to add diesel in its lineup by 2010

Honda has no plans to introduce a hybrid variant for the next generation Honda Accord when it goes on sale next year. Instead it will replace the current hybrid with a clean diesel engine, the 2.2 liter i-CTDi. The Japanese auto maker is also working on a V6 diesel engine as well.

Now, according to Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, Honda is planning to integrate either one or both of those engines into its Acura lineup as well. Acura, which currently has no hybrids or diesels in its lineup, is struggling to compete with other luxury auto makers who are offering a greener option. 

A strong candidate for the V6 diesel would be the TL or RL. We think the Acura RDX may be a good diesel cadidate as well.


Source: Green Car Congress (via AutoBlogGreen)

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