Ghosn: Don’t be surprised if I turn up in Detroit

No he doesn’t want to take over Volvo – and no, he doesn’t want a piece of the action at the new Chrysler or GM, but the Renault and Nissan CEO is still thinking about a US partner.

A year ago, talks between Ghosn and GM went nowhere, as discussions about an equity tie-up started by GM’s shareholder Kirk Kerkorian. Ghosn has now told British newspaper, Financial Times, that he is still interested in Detroit and finding an American partner.

“Fundamentally, I still think expanding the alliance is a good strategy,” he told the British newspaper. “I don’t want you to be surprised if you see us coming back one day, because, still, the strategy is very good.”

Ghosn did not say whether Renault-Nissan were in currently in talks with any auto maker in Detroit.


Source: Automotive News

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