VW City Expert: $7,100 rear-engined car for global markets

Along with the Volkswagen Tiguan and six new Bluemotion models, Volkswagen will be unveiling its new concept called the City Expert. The rear-engined car will take Volkswagen back to its “Bug” roots but we highly doubt it’ll be called the Beetle when produced.

We already know that the 2010 Volkswagen Beetle will be more modern, aggressive and bigger than the current model. So that gives Volkswagen more room for an entry-level affordable car. According to CarMagazine the City Expert will cost around £3500 ($7,100) in developing markets.

The Volkswagen City Expert will get three different bodystyles for each market. US and Europe may get a three-door hatchback while India will get a five-door and China will get a four-door sedan. Even though the engine is in the trunk, both the front and the back have boots have a luggage compartment.

Sources are saying that Volkswagen may even use twin-cylinders to make the car £650 cheaper. Supplier Bosch is speculating that Volkswagen City Expert will account for 13 percent of the global market. The Volkswagen City Expert will make its concept debut at Frankfurt in September.


Source: CarMagazine

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