Kia’s 2+2 coupe aimed at the Audi R8, production in 2 years

To become big, you have to think big; and Hyundai is doing exactly that. After comparing its cars to the likes of BMW, Lexus and Mercedes, sister company Kia is following the same route with their new 2+2 sports coupe concept.

A teaser image of the Kia 2+2 sports coupe concept was released last week. When we first saw the image, we never realized how much it resembles the Audi R8. Of course that’s not a surprise since it’s designed by Peter Schreyer, ex-designer for Audi responsible for the Audi TT.

Kia officials expect the 2+2 sports coupe concept to create a big stir in Frankfurt in September, so the production model could be on the market in 2 years.

The production version is expected to have a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that is currently being developed with Hyundai. It may also get rear-wheel-drive from Hyundai, who is currently working on their own rear-wheel-drive coupe.

Kia is hoping that the 2+2 sports coupe will give it the change to become a major player in the European car market.


Source: AutoExpress

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