Report: Next Ford Ka is really a Fiat 500, a roadster and hybrid in the works?

For the next-generation Ford Ka, Ford will be teaming up with Italian auto maker Fiat. Actually, Ford will be taking almost everything from the new Fiat 500.

According to CarMagazine, next Ford Ka II will get the Fiat 500 engines, steering and brakes. The car will even be built by Fiat in its Poland plant, alongside the new 500.

Originally, Ford had planned to for the Ford Ka II to share elements from the next Ford Fiesta and the new Mazda2. However, when Ford realized that the Blue Oval was in a cash crisis, they decided to get a hold of Fiat to help with the development.

Of course, we’re not complaining because we’re bound to see some fun Ford Ka variants. As Fiat gets ready to develop the new Fiat 500 Abarth, with a faster and hotter SS version in the works as well, the next Ford Ka will get the same treatment and will be called the RaceKa.

Also in the works is what’s being called a StreetKa, a Ka version of the Fiat 500 convertible. And that’s not all folks. Fiat and Ford will also be working on what’s being called a CityKa, a hybrid variant, as well as another variant being called the FamilyKa, with a roomier and high-roof body.

Let’s just cross our fingers for the next Ka to come to the US.

Check out these renderings from CarMagazine that seem to hint at what the FamilyKa may look like.

Photo Rendering: Ford Ka II:

Source: CarMagazine

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