Mercedes: We’ll get greener and get ahead

After seeing BMW and Audi making headlines as the two announced their plans to get greener, Mercedes-Benz is finally fighting back. “We will catch up and get ahead,” Thomas Weber, head of R&D at Mercedes parent DaimlerChrysler, told Automotive News.

To clear things up, we’re not talking about hybrid systems that Mercedes is already working on with BMW. However, Mercedes-Benz will be launching its own version of the start-stop technology. Mercedes will offer the fuel-saving technology across its entire lineup starting with the A and B-class cars in September.

Of course by now you know how the start-stop technology works. Sources are saying that Mercedes will be looking to Valeo to supply its belt-driven stop-start system.

Mercedes said that it will use a different solution for its larger, rear-wheel-drive models. So-called the ISG system, it will function as both a starter and a generator. The system is also capable of reducing engine vibration and smoother out gearshifts.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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