Mercedes looks to BMW for a subcompact car

As reported earlier this week, Mercedes is planning on dropping the baby-benz A-Class from its product range. A Mercedes-Benz spokesman said that was speculation but with previous reports saying that Mercedes-Benz is now working on a radical revamping of the A-Class to compete with the BMW 1-Series and Audi A3 by 2011, we believe this to be true.

However, according to AutoBild Mercedes is in talks with BMW over a partnership to build subcompact cars. By the end of July, the two companies are expected to make a decision on whether to build the next generation Mercedes A-Class on BMW’s Mini platform, AutoBild said.

Since AutoBild did not site any sources, we doubt this to be true. According to previous reports Mercedes is expected to build a sporty small roadster in 2011 based on the Mercedes-Benz Vision SLA Concept which uses the underpinnings of the A-Class.

Time will tell how close BMW and Mercedes actually get. The two currently share hybrid components and technology in order to develop premium hybrids for their lineup within the next three years.

Source: Reuters