Porsche says no to Detroit Auto Show

When the next Detroit Auto Show rolls around, Porsche will be a no-show. The German auto maker is pulling itself out of the Detroit Auto Show in order to focus more in regions where it has more customers. Porsche sold only 290 cars in Michigan last year as compared to 8,827 in California, 4,177 in Florida and 2,172 in New York.

“It was purely a business decision,” Tony Fouladpour, a spokesman for Porsche Cars North America Inc, told Automotive News. “We want to target our marketing resources on more direct customer contact.”

Porsche decision came as a surprise to the executive director of the Detroit Auto Show, Robert Alberts. Alberts said that if Porsche decides to make a return to Detroit, it may end up in the basement for several years.

Porsche will be displaying its cars next year at the Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami, Toronto, Dallas, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington shows.

Source: Automotive News (Subcription Required)

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