GM offering Toyota and Honda test drives at dealerships

If you’re looking to test drive the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord or the Saturn Aura, you’ll be able to do it all under one roof. GM is asking its Saturn dealerships to carry at least one Honda Accord or Toyota Camry for customers to test drive in order to compare the cars to the Saturn Aura.

GM is so confident that the Saturn Aura is better than the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, that they’ll let you drive all three in order to make your decision. Of course the Saturn dealerships won’t be selling the Accord and Camry, but we have to give it up to GM for having the guts to offer the convenience.

“In that side-by-side comparison, we come out really well,” said Mark LaNeve, head of North American sales and marketing for General Motors.

“I think we can stand up to the comparison,” Wade Hoyt, a Toyota spokesman told CNNMoney.

Chevrolet dealerships will offer the same incentive when they introduce the redesigned Chevrolet Malibu.

2007 Saturn Aura Gallery:


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