BMW 335i slaughters Lexus IS 350 in Comparison Test

Ever since the Lexus IS 350 debuted in 2006 it has been the fastest car in the compact sports sedan class. But in 2007 when BMW decided to reshuffle its 3-Series range, replacing the 330i with a new twin turbo 300 horsepower 335i, the competition began to heat up. InsideLine decided to put both cars to the test to find out who is the clear winner.

According to InsideLine’s tests the “BMW handles better, goes better, rides better, steers way better, shifts better…possibly, you get the point. In short, BMW wins. Again.”

Sorry Lexus; but you can try again next year. We’re not saying you’ll win, but you can try. Head over to InsideLine to read their full Comparison Test.

Source: InsideLine

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