Purves: BMW CS Concept to spawn a 4-door sports sedan

Confirmed by BMW CEO of North America, Tom Purves, BMW will likely top its range with a premium 4-door sports sedan. Most likely to be called the BMW 8-Series, the car will be based on the BMW CS Concept shown at the Shanghai Auto Show last month. When it hits the roads, the production version will compete with the likes of the Mercedes CLS, the upcoming Porsche Panamera as well as the Audi A7.

The Concept CS illustrates that BMW is “predominantly interested in building very beautiful luxury sport sedans,” Purves told Automotive News.

Measuring longer than the BMW 7-Series at 5.10 metres or 200.8 inches the BMW CS Concept, when put into production, is expected to be powered by a 6.0 liter V12 engine. We can also expect a V8 and V10 variant as well.

Purves says that the reaction the BMW CS Concept has been positive. “Our dealers, having seen the photos, are very excited,” he says. “They love it. I don’t know the research from the auto show. If media and dealers like it, there’s a good chance the customers will.” 

BMW CS Concept Gallery:


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