Nissan is taking it slow with Infiniti

You would think that due tremendous success with the Infiniti G35 and the G37, Nissan’s Infiniti brand would be enjoying rocketing sales worldwide and expanding its reach. Well, not exactly. Currently, Infiniti is only sold in North America, South Korea, Taiwan and of course Japan. However, Infiniti is not in a rush to take over rest of the world.

Nissan will start selling the Infiniti brand in China starting this summer, opening only 10 dealerships in major cities. The first Infiniti dealership is set to open in Beijing this July. China”s luxury car market, which is largely dominated by German cars, is growing twice as fast as it”s overall market. Even then Nissan has decided to sell only 1,000 Infinitis in their first year in China.

China is the second largest automotive market in the world and is expected to exceed the US and become the largest car market by 2020.

As for the European folks, they won’t get the Infiniti brand until 2008.

Source: InsideLine