Porsche Cayenne hybrid is a go for 2009

As we reported earlier in March, Porsche may be considering a hybrid variant of the Cayenne. Well now, according to Detroit Free Press, Porsche is going to start offering gasoline-electric hybrid systems starting in 2009, with the Cayenne SUV being the first to go green.

Porsche will be relying on its relationship with Germany’s largest auto maker, Volkswagen, since it gives the tiny sports car maker the volume to produce hybrids. In a recent interview with Mark Phelan, Porsche executive, Bernd Harling, said “Going forward, Volkswagen is the key. Porsche’s low volume means we’re limited in our research and development. We must focus on what we can do best.”

The relationship could even spawn Porsche diesel cars in the future. Not many are aware, but Porsche did most of the engineering for Volkswagen’s upcoming Audi Q7 hybrid SUV.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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