Audi R8: Trading hands for £10,000 over list price

The Audi R8 is officially sold out in the UK for the first three years of production and due to that, the supercar has been trading hands for an additional £10,000 over the list price. “We can”t stop people selling their cars on,” said an Audi spokesman, “although we will be checking names of customers against our list of people who have put down deposits.”

So if your name doesn’t match the one on the list you’ll be sent back in line because you cut people. “We count that as a new order and the buyer will have to start over again,” said Audi.

In US Audi R8 buyers are being asked to sign a legal documents stating that they’ll offer their dealership first chance on the car when they decide to sell.

Audi will deliver 450 R8s between June and December, rising in 2008 to 750.

2008 Audi R8 Gallery (Click thumbnails to enlarge images):




Source: AutoCar

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