Photo Rendering: 2010 Volkswagen Lupo

The Volkswagen Lupo was introduced back in 1998 to fill the gap at the bottom of the Volkswagen range caused by the increasing size and weight of the Volkswagen Polo. We really didn’t see the point of Volkswagen making the small puny looking Lupo, and neither did Volkswagen when it ended production in 2005. The nicest feature of the Lupo was that it consumed as little as 3 litres per 100 kilometers (78 miles per US gallon).

Well now it seems with all the CO2 emissions standards becoming more strict, Volkswagen will be reintroducing the Lupo in 2010. Now we’re not sure if it will still be called the Lupo since previous reports talk of Volkswagen working on a unamed small car which will have a fuel consumption of 3L/100 km or less. However, you can see a photo rendition of what is being called the 2010 Volkswagen Lupo by AutoZeitung above.

Source: AutoZeitung