Greener BMW 3-Series coming to UK this year

This autumn, BMW will launch a green-friendly BMW 3-Series in Britain that improves fuel economy and CO2 emissions by 15 percent. The car will be a part of BMW’s new EfficientDynamics program, which is BMW’s new term for their green strategy. Being called ‘mild-hybrids’, the car imroves efficiencey of the diesel engine found in the BMW 320d.

Four key EffiecientDynamics techonolgies that BMW incorporates in the newly launched 118d are the integrated starter motor-alternator, a computerised alternator control, an auto stop-start and electronic power steering. These features allow the 1.8 liter diesel engine to improve combined fuel economy from 50 mpg to 60 mpg.

According to AutoCar, if the same technologies are carried over to the 320d, it will have a combined fuel economy of 57 mpg (up from 50 mpg) and just 132g/km of CO2

BMW”s current EfficientDynamics strategy, outlined by Reithofer, includes the new BMW 118i which consumes 5.9 liters of fuel per 60 miles, the current BMW 320i which consumes 23 percent less fuel than the 1983 model, the current 525i model which consumes 33 percent less fuel than its 1982 model and the new MINI Cooper D.

Source: AutoCar

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