New York Auto Show: Subaru B9 Tribeca with new engine and new front

The current Subaru B9 Tribeca isn’t the most attractive SUV on the market. Okay, let’s just say the front-end of the B9 Tribeca is one of the ugliest things we’ve seen. Not only that, it isn’t even that powerful with its 3.0 liter engine. Subaru finally understands that it will have to make some changes to the SUV to increase sales and a new redesigned Subaru B9 Tribeca with a new engine is due to debut at 2007 New York Auto Show in April.

Subaru will ditch the 3.0 liter engine for a new 3.6 liter V6 engine that will produce 254 horsepower. Subaru will also ditch the ugly looking nose on the B9 Tribeca for a more mainstream conventional look with a verticle slate grille, along with new wider and narrower headlights rather than the current trinangular look.

Note: We will be covering the 2007 New York Auto Show live starting April 4th.

Source: AutomobileMag