Kia having big dreams of rivaling Audi TT

Usually you would here that Mercedes-Benz or BMW is planning a Audi TT rival, but this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Korean auto maker Kia will debut a concept that will go head-to-head with the Audi TT. Designed by, Peter Schreyer, the original designer of the TT for Audi, he plans to show Audi exactly what Kia is capable of.

The Audi TT, when it was in the works, was codenamed raindrop. Kia’s TT fighter carries the name Project Snowflake, signifying the direct comparison to the Audi TT. “The name shows the link between the cars, but hints that ours will be even cooler,” a Kia insider told AutoExpress. “It will shock the world when it’s unveiled this autumn.”

Kia’s TT fighter will have front-wheel drive and a 2.9 liter turbo-charged engine, which is being built in collaboration with Hyundai, another underdog of the Korean market.

Source: AutoExpress

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