Audi A5 to spawn new breed: Q5, R5, RS5 on their way

Audi unveiled the new A5 and S5 coupe at the Geneva Motor Show last week. Rupert Stadler, Audi’s new top man since January, said that the new coupes are a very important part of his plan to boost Audi’s luxury image and sales in the United States. It has been 11 year since Audi’s been without a premium coupe in its lineup, losing market share to BMW’s 3-Series coupe and 6-Series, as well as Mercedes’ CLK.

But now things are about to take a new turn at the struggling German luxury auto maker. Audi will be starting a new breed of the ‘5’ line. Usually, ‘S’ models of Audi cars follow the initial launch of its base model, but Audi released both the A5 and S5 coupe at the same time. Both coupes, Audi says, were more anticipated and popular than the R8. Stadler has already hinted at a A5 convertible, but The Car Connection is reporting that it is only a matter of time that the Q5 SUV, along with an R5 and RS5, will be a part of the ‘5’ lineup. Even the upcoming A4 will take its basis from the new A5 coupe.

Source: TheCarConnection

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