Top 8 Crossovers – a breed of half-car, half-SUV

So what are crossovers? We’ve received emails on this before asking us what category’s do crossovers really fit in? Well, its not so much understanding what a crossover really is, its knowing what the benefits of crossovers are knowing they don’t offer as much room as SUVs. Crossovers, to us are basically half-car and half-SUV vehicles that offer better gas-mileage than SUV, better handling and a smoother ride than an SUV while offering just a tad bit more room than your four-door sedan.

Crossovers are huge hit with consumers, especially women, and they are now rushing out and buying these hafl-car, half SUV vehicles. Here is CNN Money’s Top 8 Crossover list.


1. Toyota Rav4

2. Honda CR-V

3. Mercury Mariner

4. Ford Edge

5. Mazda CX-9

6. Jeep Patriot

7. GMC Acadia

8. Saturn Vue

Source: CNNMoney