Geneva Motor Show: Rinspeed Saab 9-5 BioPower

While many of you thought that eXasis concept would be the only thing Rinspeed would be unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, but the company has teamed up with Saab to give it a more edge look for the 9-5 BioPower, which Saab will also be unveiling at the show. The Saab BioPower 100 Concept showcases the first production-based engine to be optimized for pure bioethanol (E100) fuel. In combining Saab turbocharging expertise with the use of high octane E100 fuel, the cars 2.0-liter enginedevelops 300 horsepower.

After Rinspeed got their hands on it the Saab BioPower got a nice edge look by being lowered and painted a rusty yellow. Taking cues from the eXasis the car has fiberglass elemets. It also has yellow fiberglass inserts on the grille, headlights, licence plate area and the dashboard. The Rinspeed Saab 9-5 BiPower rides on black five-spoke wheels with metallic outlines.


Source: Autoblog