Hybrid cars losing popularity? Sales increase in 2006, but growth slows down

We just reported today that hybrid cars are overall losing their fuel efficiency, the very thing that makes them attractive. But sales of hybrids increased in 2006 with 254,454 registrations, a 28% increase from 2005. So people still love hybrids right? Well don’t agree so fast just yet. According to a report by RL Polk, that 28% jump has been the smallest since 2000, when the only hybrids being sold were the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius, introduced as a 2001 model. Now with so many more models on the market like Honda Civic hybrid, Honda Accord hybrid, Toyota Camry hybrid, why are people buying less of the environmentally friendly cars?

Hybrid cars make up just 1.5% of the new vehicle market, with more than a quarter of them being sold in California. Is that 1.5% soon to become a .5%? Only time will tell.

Source: KickingTires

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