2007 Hybrid cars losing fuel efficiency – Toyota Prius drops 20% in city mpg

According to a new government fuel-economy ratings that are available for the first time, new hybrid cars are losing their fuel efficiency as compared to old models. If you go to the government’s fuel-economy Web site, http://www.fueleconomy.gov/, and click on the section called “Compare Old and New MPG Ratings,” and select any hybrid car, you can see that new hybrid cars use significantly more fuel than their previous ratings.

We looked up two cars including the 2007 Toyota Prius and the 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. The Honda Civic Hybrid dropped from a city/highway mpg of 49/51 to 40/45 with a combined drop from 50 mpg to 42 mpg. Not too bad right? Well check out the Toyota Prius that is praised for its fuel efficiency and hasn’t even received an upgrade since its initial debut. The Toyota Prius dropped from a city/highway mpg of 60/51 to a current mpg of 48/45. That’s 20% drop in its city mpg and a 12% drop in its highway mpg.

Guess hybrid cars aren’t as effecient as they used to be.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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