Twin-Turbo BMW M5 with 815 horsepower

Just when you thought the BMW M5 couldn’t get any better than it already is, Currency Motors goes and adds a twin turbo charged engine giving the BMW M5 a huge boost with 815 horsepower. While it will cost you $350,000, Currency Motors adds a hand-built intercooler system, a full custom exhaust and two turbochargers, giving you the ability to reach top speeds of 240 mph.

The two turbo chargers are placed in the rear bumper while the SMG transmission was left untouched. Inside the Currency Motor BMW M5, the car gets aniline dyed Florida crocodile black leather. If you plan on buying this 815 horsepower beast, get your order in quick because Currency Motor only plans on making 10 of these at the moment.


Source: m5board (via motorauthority)