Saab freezes the 9-3 Convertible

It’s been more than 20 years ago when Saab pioneered the concept of an open-top car providing everyday transport and to celebrate their 60 years of automotive manufacturing this year, Saab has frozen a new 9-3 Convertible for its Saab Ice Experience event at Sweden’s world famous Icehotel. Saab customers, VIP guests and dealers from all over the world will be greeted with an “˜iced” 9-3 Convertible. The frozen 9-3 Convertible is visible at night from a kilometer away.

The icy reflections of the convertible”s illuminated bright blue paintwork give arriving guests an automotive interpretation of the Northern Lights. The installation, added to this year”s version of the Icehotel, is made from 60 ice blocks, weighing 30 tons, all harvested from the nearby Torne River, one of Europe”s purest.

About 500 guests will attend the event, which finishes on March 18.

Source: Saab