Audi A7 Rendering – by Gabriel Rabhi

Early last year it was reported that Audi is working on a A7 Coupe. The company is already set to launch the Audi A5 coupe at the Geneva Motor Show, but we were wondering if the A7 will look the same as the A5 and just bigger. Well we hope not, so we came across CG artist Gabriel Rabhi, who created his own photo rendering of what the Audi A7 could look like.

Rabhi says the main idea is the mid curve on the side of the car which is inspired from the 70’s muscle car and is near to what has been done on the A5. Check out the images and the explanaton of his design below and check out Rabhi’s site.


The design

The global look is four doors coupe that can be similar to the coming A7. The main idea is the mid curve on the side of the car that is inspired from the 70″s muscle car. This curve is near what has been done on the A5, but with a wider curvature. This curve is looking like a feline body before a run, with eyes that look at its prey.

To define the volumes of this model, I was starting with the automotive definition constraints: headlamp position, engine compartment space, seats position, rear passenger space, roof, boot volume, realistic wheel size”¦ I started from an RS4 modified to take care of visible evolutions of the B8 platform mules: reduced overhang, larger wheelbase, wider track, engine backward.

This model is a little bit realistic about technical specifications.

I think this model design is not extraordinary. But the rendering is good, and I can say it”s one of my masterworks. Going far beyond in rendering sophistication is not an easy thing. I have used a global illumination model finely tuned to have a large color frequency specter and rich gradients. The lighting was made to enhance the understanding of shape trough specular highlights.

Source: Fortitude