Hyundai’s 50 MPG SUV

While we don’t cover much of Hyundai (in fact this is probably our first post on Hyundai and we deeply apologize to Hyundai fans), the achievement of Hyundai’s 50 MPG SUV has given the automaker a new place in our hearts. Hans Tholsturp, a Danish born eco adventure, made headlines this past week when he drove 1400km from Adelaide to Sydney without refueling the car he was driving. The vehicle Hans chose was the Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi Turbo-Diesel SUV which averaged 4.67 liters/100km (50.4 mpg). The figured is based one full tank of the SUV’s actual capacity of 83.15 liters. The SUV had no special modifications at all and was able to provide Hans a no-stop journey to his destination in Sydney.


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