14 Rolls Royce Phantoms Delivered to a Hong Kong Hotel

The largest order of a long-wheelbase custom Rolls Royce Phantoms were delivered to the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, which has been driving guests from their destinations and back to the hotel in Rolls Royce cars since 1970. The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, which has a tradition of ordering the largest fleet of Rolls Royce vehicles, broke its own record when it received delivery of 14 Brewster Green Rolls Royce Phantom vehicles, that were customized with a large boot, MP3 jacks in the rear seat, rear-seat climate controls, refrigerated box for cool towels, a compartment in the doors to dispose used towels and Peninsula Hotel sill plates.

With those customizations the 14 Rolls Royce Phantoms come with standard features such as 12 inch LCD screen with a 420-watt stereo system and of course privacy curtains.

Source: Rolls Royce

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