New Nissan Skyline Introduced

Well the Japanese get the coolest things first again. Nissan today introduced the new 12th generation Skyline today in Japan. The new Nissan Skyline 3.5 liter V6 version pushes 315 horsepower and 36.5kgm of torque while the 2.5 liter V6 version pushes 225 horsepower with 26.8kgm of torque. Drivers will have the choice of a five-speed automatic with adaptive shift control. There will also be a new DS mode that allows optimized gear selection for different driving conditions. And the Japanese have also picked up on the paddle shifting so the new sportier Nissan Skyline, SP and P, feature steering mounted shift paddles that allow the driver to operate in manual mode.

Design? Well just check out the images. The car will start selling at 2,793,000 yen to 3,801,000 yen. Nissan is hoping to sell at least 1,000 Nissan Skylines a month. Which we think they’ll definitely beat. Oh yeah, it looks like the new Infiniti G35 with a little bit of M. Just thought we’d add that.

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