Mercedes Launches Three New Diesel Models in US

Today Mercedes Benz announced the launch of three new diesel models for the United States including the ML320 CDI, the R320 CDI, and the E320 BLUETEC. The Mercedes Benz ML320 CDI is a mid-size sport utility with a suggested retail price of $ 44,455. The Mercedes Benz R320 CDI is a six passenger luxury MPV priced at $ 44,775. Finally we have the cream of the crop the E320 BLUETEC, a full-size luxury sedan beginning at $ 52,325. Of course there is a destination charge of $775.

The E320 BLUETEC has a 40 percent better fuel mileage than the gasoline-powered model and gets 27/37 miles per gallon with a range of 700 miles on a single tank of fuel. The R320 CDI gets 21/28 mpg while the ML320 CDI sport utility gets 21/27 mpg. Both CDI models have a cruising range of well over 600 miles before refueling. Both CDI models are powered by a 3.0 Liter V6 engine producing 215 horsepower and 398 lb.-ft. The E320 BLUETEC produces 208 horsepower and torque of 400 lb.-ft.

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