2008 Honda Accord On the Way

While Honda is working on its new Accord, other cars in its class like the Toyota Camry are booming in sales. Toyota’s new Camry has been accepted by sports sedan lovers and the hybrid version is being applauded by enviromentally concious drivers. Also, competition from the new Nissan Altima (with a coupe version on the way) gives the new Honda Accord a lot to live up to. So far there have been some photo renderings of the 2008 Honda Accord but the official production design is due in 2007. The car will have a larger wheel base with some design elements of the new Civic. Other then that the car is expected to be close to these photo renderings you see here. There will also be a new coupe launched as well.

There are also rumors of a new Honda Accord hybrid due out by 2009. Check out some images of the concept for now.

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