G-Power G3: Tuning for the 2006 BMW 3-Series

G-Power has announced that it will be rolling out a variety of modifications for the 2006 BMW 3-Series at the upcoming Essen Motor Show. With no BMW M3 until next year, BMW fans will have to make the best of the situation with the G-Power G3. First of all, the G-Power kit for the 2006 BMW 3-Series give the car a carbon fiber front bumper, lip spoiler, side sills, rear bumper, rear diffuser and wing spoiler. Under the hood, the G-Power kit gives the 3-Series an enhancement on all gas and diesel engines offered by BMW. But, G-Power is also offering a 5.3 liter V8 engine that will push the car 420 horsepower or a 5.0 V10 liter that will give the car 550 horsepower.

Suspension options are also offered including a height-adjustable coil-over shocks and beefier stabilizer bars. The car rides on 20 inch wheels with performance breaks.

Source: InsideLine

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