Volvo Unveils Custom C30 – Evolve, Heico, IPD

Volvo today unveiled three new customized versions of the C30 hatchback. The Volvo Evolve, Heico and IPD are on display this week at the SEMA Auto Show. The Volvo Evolve C30 (the blue C30) produces 507 horsepower along with its giant brakes, race-suspension, huge tires and a twin turbo engine. The Volvo Heico C30 (the silver C30) is a product of a joint collaboration with German tuner Heico Sportiv and Burton Snowboads. The Heico C30 produces 300 horsepower with adjustable suspension, custom Toyo tires and a portable GPS system. Finally the Volvo IPD C30 produces 384 horsepower with a touch screen center heads-up display and gull wing style doors.

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