GPS: The Next Generation, Call Them GPS-Pods

Seems like portability is what’s on everyone’s mind these days, even manufacturers of navigation devices. Bulkiness is out and hand-held navigation systems are on the way and even manufacturers of traditional car navigation systems, like Garmin and HP, are getting in the market for compact hand-held navigation systems that are meant to be used by drivers, walkers and bikers. The new wave of the next generation navigation systems are as portable as an iPod, you can even call them “GPS-pods.”

Most comapnies are calling GPS navigation systems “companinions” and are encouraging consumers to carry them wherever they go by adding features such as photo viewers, instant messaging, MP3 players and travel guides and information like reviews for local attractions and resteraunts.

Even cell phone manufacturers and cell phone service providers are beefing up their products  with navigation services in order to adapt to the changing market.

Keep a look out for these new and upcoming “GPS-pods” and we will do our best to keep up with new releases. In the mean time check out one of our favorites, the Mio H610.

Source: WSJ

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