2010 BMW Z2 Roadster: Pricing & Information

According to inside sources at BMW, the automaker plans to launch the BMW Z2 well below the current price of the BMW Z4 roadster. Looking to compete with the Mazda MX-5 Miata the BMW Z2 will sell for less than $30,000 and is expected to make its debut in 2010. The car will be built on the Z4 chassis but will measure only 151 inches in length, 10 inches shorter than the BMW Z4.

The BMW Z2 will come only in a four cylinder and will have a horsepower range between 150 up to a turbocharged 300. The car is also expected to come in a 2.0 four-cylinder M version. Transmission choices on the BMW Z2 will include a traditional manual and a double-clutch gearbox similar to Audi DSG. The BMW Z2 will go on sale in 2010 and will be made in America.

Source: Car and Driver

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