No New BMW M3 Until September Next Year

We are pretty sad to report this but BMW’s M division boss, Ulrich Bruhnke, is saying that BMW fans will have to wait until September of next year to get a look at the new M3. Bruhnke said that the new 2008 BMW M3 will be unveiled at the 2008 Frankfurt Motor show with its world launch also in 2008. Rumor had it that BMW would be unveiling the much anticipated car at the Paris Motor Show, but so far it’s a no show.

Bruknke remained strict on releasing any details about the car but said that it will maintain BMW standards for handling and dynamics over engine output. So far we know that the 2008 BMW M3 will have a 4 liter V8 engine that will produce a total of 412 horsepower and will have BMW’s second generation 7-speed SMG and the traditional 6-speed. In the mean time here are some artist renderings from

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